December 22, 2012

Doctor of the Day

What is “Doctor of the Day”?

The purpose of the “Doctor of the Day” service is to provide same-day appointments for urgent and semi-urgent problems when you are unable to get a timely appointment with your family doctor.  Our “Doctor of the Day” service is meant to replace our Walk In Clinic service.  Wait times for the Walk In Clinic approached 3 hours on a regular basis, and we recognize that this is not ideal for patients.  “Doctor of the Day” is an appointment-based service; thus, it should minimize your wait in our waiting room.

How does it work?

When you book a “Doctor of the Day” appointment, you will see a Wellington Medical Clinic physician.  Appointments are booked throughout the day until closing.  You can book an appointment over the phone or in person. Appointments are booked same day only, except Saturday.  The chart below specifies how and when you can book a Doctor of the Day appointment for each day of the week:

Booking “Doctor of the Day” appointments
Booking by: Telephone In-person 
Monday Same day only Same day only
Tuesday Same day only Same day only
Wednesday Same day only Same day only
Thursday Same day only Same day only
Friday  Same day only Same day only
Saturday One day in advance only Same day or One day in advance
Sunday No appointments available No appointments available


Who can access this service?

This service is available only to Wellington Medical Clinic patients.  By definition, a “Wellington Medical Clinic patient” is a patient who has established a formal doctor-patient relationship with one of our physicians.  Both must apply: (1) you identify one of our physicians as your regular family doctor, and (2) that physician has previously agreed to accept responsibility for your care.

Patients with a family doctor at another clinic in Nanaimo will not be able to access this service.  You will receive the best care by attending your own family doctor.

Important Policies:

  • You will only be able to discuss one issue when you see the doctor.  Bringing a list of issues will slow down the doctor working that day, which will result in less people getting an appointment.  Please be considerate of other patients.  If you have multiple issues, it is best to book an appointment with your regular family doctor.  “Doctor of the Day” is designed to address your one, most urgent issue that cannot wait until you can get an appointment with your own doctor.
  • PRESCRIPTIONS FOR OPIOIDS (morphine-like drugs) AND BENZODIAZEPINES (Ativan-like drugs) WILL NOT BE PROVIDED.  Book an appointment with your own family doctor for these specific medications.
  • Forms, Driver’s Exams and/or Physicals will not be done, please book a specific appointment for these with your family doctor.