Medical Services Plan (MSP), your public health insurance policy through your CareCard, does not cover all services provided by your family doctor. ¬†Services not covered by MSP are referred to as “uninsured services”. ¬†Listed below are examples of uninsured services commonly requested.

The fee for an uninsured service is determined by your doctor.  For uninsured services, most doctors use rates set by Doctors of BC (formerly BC Medical Association) and The Society of General Practitioners of British Columbia as a guideline.

For further information on charges related to uninsured services, please ask our office staff.

Common Uninsured Services

Insurance Company (disability /travel /time off)
Income Tax Disability
School/Work time off
Government EI forms
Parking form
Handi-dart application
Employer’s Work Capability form
Nursing Home Registration /Administration
Reports / Letters
Typed off work letter
Insurance Company typed letter
Handwritten note /letter
Medical Advice letter
Medical-legal letter/ report/ opinion

Complete examination (not covered by MSP for healthy persons)
Driver’s Medical Examination
Participatory Fitness for Sports Team/ Camp
RCMP/ Firefighter/Marine/Aviation

Treatments/ Surgery

Liquid Nitrogen (cosmetic)
Excision Mole / Lesion (cosmetic)
Flu vaccine for individuals not covered by MSP


Telephone prescription renewal
Transfer of records
Missed Appointment Charge